Mother Goose

I’ve taught songs and rhymes to parents and children for the last four years in Canada with the wonderful Parent-Child Mother Goose Program, and since living in France, have started up a class here as well! Today was our very last class for the season and I know I will miss our tuesday mornings together! In honor of our classes, I wanted to share a couple of my favourite songs and rhymes for you to use at home with your own little ones so I added a new page to this blog with the lyrics of some of my favouriteĀ songs and rhymes for children that I will try to keep adding to!

Many of them come from talented folk singer Kathy Reid-Naimen and her 12 award-winning childrens music CDs. You can listen to some of them here.

But my absolute favourite lullaby is by my favourite childhood singer, Raffi! May there always be sunshine.