Practically Perfect Pancakes

I love pancakes. More than most, probably. So today I want to share my recipe, so that you can enjoy them at home! I also find that pancakes are a perfect meal for kids who need some extra nutrients, with the right secret ingredients!

1 cup flour

4 tblsp sugar

1 tsp baking powder

1 egg (whisked)

1 cup milk

3 tblsp melted butter

Mix the dry ingredients together in a large bowl, and the wet ingredients in a small bowl. Then pour the wet into the dry and mix them together gently with a wooden spoon (do not over-mix!). The pour the batter into a pan that is on medium heat. When the batter is dry on the outside and has bubbles in the centre, flip! This recipe makes about 8 pancakes.

This is the basic recipe, but can also be amped up in wholesome goodness by using whole wheat flour, a few teaspoons of ground flax seeds, an extra egg, and fruit or berries (blueberries, bananas, strawberries and apples work well!). They can be served with almond butter, nuts, jam, honey, or just plain butter. mmmm.

As a special holiday treat when I was young, my mom would add a bit of food colouring and make some great shapes! Orange ovals with chocolate chip faces for Halloween, pink hearts at Valentines, green trees or snowmen at Christmas, our initials just for fun.