Improvising Easter eggs


This Easter, we were determined to decorate eggs in Seoul! Nasty colds kept us from decorating with our friends, and so we decided to improvise. Finding white eggs is hard enough in Seoul (Homeplus is the answer to that mystery), but find them we did. A rumage through my baking cupboard uncovered blue and green food colouring, and our art box provided stickers and sharpies! Perfect!

In the end, I had the most fun with this project, with Ben checking in every few minutes to watch the eggs change colour! But decorating these eggs made me realize that fun and beautiful holiday projects can be done with very minimal preparation (I’m sensing a theme in my life), and I’m looking forward to next year’s eggs when Ben will be excited to make something too!

What easter traditions do you do with your family? Did you try any great art projects with kids this year? This great site has a million ideas!