Sabina swims


Ben and I have started swimming lessons, which has been super fun. And the 2-hour mega-nap that Ben takes after swimming class is awesome (and maybe even my favourite part)!!

But I have to admit that my teeny-weeny bikini days are over for now, and I’m still wearing the FABULOUS maternity two-piece that I bought pre-Ben! It is no secret that maternity bathing suits are super ugly. But I have found that most amazing suit that has seen me through my “maternelle aqua-aerobics” class in France, our mini-babymoon in Europe, and now toddler swim classes, and I still love it! The company is called Sabina Swims, and they are headquartered in Hong Kong. The secret is in the flattering cut of the neckline, and the drawstring sides that expand as you do… and then back again, making them the perfect post-baby suit too! Their new patterns come out in April so I just might pick up another.

The best part? Sabina Swims has free international shipping!

Happy shopping!