Bringing on baby

4 days overdue, I am eager to meet this baby and to not be pregnant any longer. Pregnancy dreams are bordering on crazy, baby movements feel like ninja-kicks, and waddling is not my preferred mode of transportation. Now that I am past term, I have to go to the hospital every second day for monitoring, and if there is some progress will give me 14 days before inducing!! 14 days overdue?!! Nooooo thank you! But if there is no progress, we will be facing a C-section.

SO, I went to my midwife and asked for some tips. Here is what she suggested: sex, walking, resting (baths, sleep), belly massage , raspberry leaf tea, cinnamon tea, spicy food, and a homeopathic medicine that I’ve been downing like candy every 4 hours.

Were you overdue? Do you have any tips for bring on baby?


4 responses

  1. Hi Nicki!

    I was overdue with both babies… With Lachlan I tried all of the above and finally we threw a party to bring on labor. I’m not sure if it was a coincidence, but I laughed so much that night I’m pretty convinced that’s what got things going! With Audrey, I ate a spicy (and I mean spicy!) curry.

    Good luck to you – I hope it happens ASAP. I wish you a wonderful birth experience 🙂

  2. A midwife told me that you can trigger the beginning of labour by “touching” some part of the uterus or something like this. Well, I am not really sure exactly how it works but it supposed to be more effective than the other methods you describe.

  3. I ate an entire pineapple for dinner one night when I was overdue but it did nothing for me. I think Luisa held out another 4 days after that. My midwife gave me the same tips (also, lots of the Christmas cookies because they have cinnamon in them!). She also told me to drink the Schweppes Bitter Lemon. And this mixture:

    Boil 2 cm of fresh ginger, 1 stick of cinnamon and 5 whole cloves for 15 minutes. Then steep in Verbena leaves/tea for 10 minutes (I think you could also use the raspberry leaf tea since these two herbs seem to do more or less the same thing). Enjoy!

  4. hi honey! awww…thinking of you every hour. also, apparently you should get a pedicure…certain pressure points on the foot are suppose to induce labour! ❤ xoxo tiffy

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