Another thing that I saw a lot of in Germany is baby-wearing. Two of the world’s most popular woven baby wraps (Didymos and Storchenwiege) are made in Germany and it seemed like everywhere I went I saw people wearing them! They are made from beautiful fabrics and come with instructions on a variety of wrap styles. I ended up buying the Storchenwiege Inka (pictured above) and I can’t help but practice wrapping almost every day! I’m very excited to try it out for real, but I do have some apprehensions about its’ practicality.

Did any of you carry your babies in a wrap or sling? Did it meet your expectations? Would you use it again? What are some pros or cons that you experienced?


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  1. Hi Nicki,

    I wore Lachlan in a wrap and I’m doing the same with Audrey. At first I was a little intimidated tying it up when I was out in public, but I got more comfortable with practice. I found that when the weather was yucky, I would tie it up loosely underneath my jacket so that when I arrived at my destination, all I had to do was pop Lachlan in and tighten things up!

    I’m super excited that you have a wrap and that you’re practicing before your baby arrives. I didn’t discover baby wearing until Lachlan was three months old 🙂


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